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Legal Notices

This website contains information related to Coca-Cola FEMSA’s business expectations including operating and financial projections and goals, which constitute management’s beliefs and premises as well as information currently available for the company. Any future consideration is not guarantee of performance. Such information involves risk, uncertainties and premises, since it refers to future events, depending on circumstances that may occur or not.

Investors should understand that general economic conditions, as well as industry conditions, in addition to operating factors might affect the company’s future performance, taking it to results that may differ, materially, from what has been stated in this website. Coca-Cola FEMSA is not obliged to update information included in this website. The company does recommend that interested parties analyze all information on the company filed with the CNBV - Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (the Mexican SEC) - and the SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the Company’s by-laws.


Risks Related to the Company

  • The business depends on the relationship with The Coca-Cola Company, and changes in this relationship may adversely affect the company’s results of operations and financial position;
  • The Coca-Cola Company and FEMSA have substantial influence on the conduct of the company’s business, which may result in the company taking actions contrary to the interest of its remaining shareholders;
  • Coca-Cola FEMSA has significant transactions with affiliates, particularly The Coca-Cola Company and FEMSA, which may create potential conflicts of interest and could result in less favorable terms to the company;
  • Competition could adversely affect financial performance;
  • A water shortage or a failure to maintain existing concessions could adversely affect business;
  • Increases in the prices of raw materials would increase cost of sales and may adversely affect results of operations;
  • Taxes on soft drinks could adversely affect business;
  • Regulatory developments may adversely affect business;


Risks Related to the Series L Shares and the ADSs

  • Holders of Series L Shares have limited voting rights;
  • Holders of ADSs may not be able to vote at shareholder meetings;
  • The protections afforded to minority shareholders in Mexico are different from those afforded to minority shareholders in the United States;
  • Investors may experience difficulties in enforcing civil liabilities against the company or its directors, officers and controlling persons;
  • Developments in other countries may adversely affect the market for the company’s securities;
  • Holders of Series L Shares in the United States and holders of ADSs may not be able to participate in any future preemptive rights offering and as a result may be subject to dilution of their equity interests;

Risks Related to México and Other Countries in which Coca-Cola FEMSA operates

  • Adverse economic conditions in Mexico may adversely affect financial condition and results of operations;
  • Depreciation of the Mexican peso relative to the U.S. dollar could adversely affect financial condition and results of operations;
  • Political events in Mexico could adversely affect operations;
  • Developments in other Latin American countries in which Coca-Cola FEMSA operates may adversely affect business;