Message from our CEO

“Today, Coca-Cola FEMSA is evolving to capture the next wave of growth. We ignited an organizational transformation to create a leaner, more agile, and efficient company, while focusing on our core strategic capabilities through centers of excellence in the areas of commercial, supply chain, and IT innovation. Despite the challenges that we face going forward, we are confident that each of our operations will continue delivering solid results, enabling us to create sustained economic, social, and environmental value for all of our stakeholders."

  • Mission

    satisfy and pleasebeverage consumerswith excellence.

  • Vision

    To be the best global enterprise inleading beverage brand sales. To generate sustainable economic and social value by managing innovative and winning business models with the best employees in the world.

  • Values

    Passion for customer service ·Respect and integral ·development of employees ·Integrity and austerity ·Creation of social value · Trust

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    • Nuestra historia
    • 1993

      Appointment of Alfredo Martínez Urdal as CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

      Initial public offering of Coca-Cola FEMSA in the Mexican and U.S. stock markets.

    • 1994


      Acquisition of a majority equity stake in the Buenos Aires operation.

    • 1997


      Introduction of handhelds and pre-sale in more than 90% of the routes in Mexico and Buenos Aires.

      Acquisition of the remaining equity stake of the Buenos Aires operation.

    • 1998


      Installation of first four lines in the Toluca plant in Mexico.

    • 2000


      Appointment of Carlos Salazar as CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

    • 2002


      Launch of 2.5-liter returnable PET presentation for Coca-Cola in Mexico.

    • 2003


      Acquisition of Panamco extended KOF’s geographic footprint to 9 countries in Latin America.

    • 2004


      Construction of one of the largest PET recycling plants in the world in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and ALPLA.

    • 2006


      Expansion of our portfolio with the Hi-C brand in Central America.

    • 2007


      Launch of Coca-Cola Zero in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

    • 2008


      Acquisition of Jugos del Valle in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company.

      Acquisition of Refrigerantes Minas Gerais in Brazil.

    • 2009


      Acquisition of the Brisa water business in Colombia together with The Coca-Cola Company.

    • 2010


      Acquisition of Matte Leão in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company.

    • 2011


      Acquisition of Estrella Azul in Panama together with The Coca-Cola Company.

      Inclusion of Coca-Cola FEMSA in the BMV Sustainability Index.

      Mergers of Grupo Tampico, Grupo CIMSA, and Grupo Fomento Queretano in Mexico.

    • 2012


      Integration of Santa Clara in Mexico through Jugos del Valle.

      Launch of FUZE tea across Latin America.

    • 2013


      Acquisition of Fluminense and Spaipa franchises in Brazil.

      Merger of Grupo Yoli in Mexico.

      Acquisition of 51% of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc.

    • 2014

      John Santa Maria was appointed CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA.


      Started production at the new Itabirito plant and opened a new mega-distribution center in São Paulo.

    • Started production at the Tocancipá plant in Colombia.



      Acquisition of VerdeCampo through Leão Alimentos e Bebidas in Brazil.

    • 2016

      KOF and The Coca-Cola Company have reached a new, broad cooperation framework

      Coca-Cola FEMSA successfully closes the acquisition of Vonpar in Brazil

    • 2017


      Acquisition of ADeS together with The Coca-Cola System.

    • 2018

      We closed an agreement with The Coca-Cola Company for the acquisition of 100% of the franchises Alimentos y Bebidas Atlántida S.A. (“ABASA”) y Comercializadora y productora de Bebidas Los Volcanes S.A. (“Los Volcanes”) in Guatemala.


      Acquisition of Montevideo Refrescos S.R.L (MONRESA) in Uruguay

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        • Bottle Plant

          The PET Plant Bottle is a bottle made from the combination of traditional PET and materials extracted from plants. These bottles reduce dependence of non-renewable resources like oil; they are completely recyclable and help reduce the carbon footprint.

      • c

        • Carbonated beverage

          Refreshing liquid made with carbonated water, also known as soda, with or without flavoring that contains carbon dioxide, which bubbles when the beverage is opened or is depressurized.

        • Consumer

          Person who consumes Coca-Cola FEMSA’s products.

        • Consumption per Capita

          The number of eight-ounce servings consumed per person per year in a specific market. To calculate the per capita consumption, the company multiplies its unit case volume by 24 and then divides it by the total number of population.

        • Customer

          Retail outlet, restaurants or other establishments that sell or serve the company's products directly to consumers.

      • e

        • Energy Drinks

          Non-alcoholic beverage with stimulating properties that offer consumers regenerative fatigue and exhaustion, while increasing mental ability.

      • f

        • FEMSA

          Is a leading company that participates in the beverage industry operating as Coca-Cola FEMSA, the largest public bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world, and in the brewing industry being the second largest shareholder of Heineken, one of the leading brewers in the world with presence in more than 70 countries. In retail trade, FEMSA participates with FEMSA Comercio, branch that operates in various chains of small format, highlighting OXXO as the largest and fastest growing chain in Latin America. All this supported by a Strategic Business area.

      • i

        • ISO

          International Organization for Standardization, responsible for creating standards or international regulations.

        • Isotonic beverage

          This category is consumed before, during and after exercise. Sport drinks main target are high performance athletes that need to replace minerals they lose through sweat, besides of contributing to metabolize carbohydrates and energy.

      • k

        • KOF

          Name which Coca -Cola FEMSA is listed on the Stock Exchange.

      • n

        • Non-carbonated beverages

          Grouping category containing all of our non-carbonated products.

      • p

        • PET

          Poly Ethylene Terephthalate commonly abbreviated as PET, is the most common type of plastic that has the characteristics of being flexible, lightweight and plus it is harmless to people’s health and very friendly to recycle.

        • Positive transformation

          In Coca-Cola FEMSA we understand the need of meeting the challenges of the environment through responsible and consistent practices that allow us to focus efforts and ensure the achievement of our goals. This process also has as main objective of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our company, develop and strengthen our capabilities and continue to evolve our culture.

      • s

        • Serving

          Measurement unit equal to 8 fluid ounces.

        • Sustainability

          In Coca Cola FEMSA, this term is understood as the simultaneous generation of economic, social and environmental value through responsible and consistent business practices that allow us to positively transform our environment. Also, create initiatives focused on the availability of drinking water in our communities, as well as proper management of waste and recycling, development of processes and friendly packages to the environment, and finally, reforestation and minimization of energy use in our value chain and mitigation of the effects in climate change.

      • t

        • The Coca-Cola Company

          Established in 1886, The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing its consumers with more than 500 brands of soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages. The Coca-Cola Company headquarters are located in Atlanta, with local operations in more than 200 countries around the world.

      • u

        • Unit Case

          Measurement unit equivalent to 24 8-ounce servings.

      • v

        • Values

          Ideals shared by members of the company that determine what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore, we provide parameters for decision-making and performance of the company as well as criteria to evaluate the performance of each one of the mentioned before.